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Commono Kit Service

Commono Kit Service

  • Reddish  brown in colour  with pale yellow marking  above the head
  • These are bigger cockroaches/size 35 to 40 mm long
  • They prefer dark moist warm area
  • Adults are good fliers
  • Ootheca contain 14-16 eggs
  • Nymphs are hatch out after 50-55 days.

Live 14-15 months

Comonokit Service Pest Management Services

American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) are known carriers of pathogens causing diseases like gastro – enteritis, cholera, vibrios etc. To control this menace we recommend our Comono Kit Service  as mentioned below. This treatment covers household pests like cockroaches, red / black ants.

Please note that control of flying insects like flies, mosquitoes, moths, termites, birds, mammals are out of the scope of this service.

This treatment is target specific.. It is cost effective and saves incidental expenses on food and temporary shelter during shut down period.

Mode of Treatment

Our Comonokit Service treatment mainly consists of application of Spray at  corners and vulnerable places harbouring cockroaches.

Also liquid formulation, has odor , would be sprayed against red/black ants for spot application.